Kubris®, the new Innovation Center that will support research and development on innovative technologies: IoT, AI, Neural Networks and Blockchain.

Kirey Group creates its own research and development laboratory, allocating resources and expertise to promote innovation in the most interesting technological fields of the market and to support customers in the digital transformation process

Kirey Group, the group of companies that brings together the skills of Kirey, IKS, Insirio and System Evolution, announces the creation of Kubris®, its new center for innovation that focuses on the themes of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Networks neural and of the Blockchain.

Headquartered in Milan, Kubris® combines the agility of a start-up with the solidity of the Kirey Group, integrating and enhancing the existing capabilities and innovative experiences of all the companies of the Group in a single reality.

The birth of Kubris® was preceded by a careful selection of partners, in different technological fields, which could support the internal resources in the theoretical and applied training and research activities, creating a laboratory that is already carrying out six projects, which specifically concern the AI and Blockchain domains.

In the area dedicated to AI, the projects currently underway see the team involved in the creation of solutions that exploit neural networks to outline the behavior of people in caring for their car, home and attention to their health. The objective is to support companies in the insurance sector in creating increasingly personalized policies, thanks to the understanding of user habits, the ability to anticipate the risks of possible accidents or damage and to increase overall safety.

In the context of risk prevention, we highlight the projects related to Connected Insurance such as Smappi Car, a mobile application that acts as a black box on smartphones and collects data useful for analyzing and profiling habits and driving styles and preventing claims, or “Grific” an application designed for the insurance, industrial and civil protection sectors, which exploits satellite data useful for meteorological forecasts to anticipate possible environmental disasters and define the riskiness of specific territorial areas. This risk indicator, integrated into the home prevention solution, Smappi Home, is also used to contribute to important smart city projects to which Kubris®® is already cooperating.

The projects launched within the neural networks will allow an automatic estimation of the damage of an accident starting from the photo of the same and to identify which images reflect fraudulent intent. For the banking world, the innovation center is completing a new remediation service, thanks to automatic learning based on incorrect data sets and their solution, which allows financial institutions to increase the efficiency and correctness of the database of own systems.

Finally, as part of blockchain, Kubris® is committed to developing solutions that take advantage of this technology to provide customers with greater security and regulatory compliance. The first project POC, linked to the Open Timestamps, designed specifically for audits and compliance, has already been completed and allows companies to document the integrity of a document and the data it contains, as it is stored in string format, via calendar server, on the blockchain. The last project, just launched, which exploits blockchain technologies, has as its objective the realization of a smart contract in a specific insurance field.

“Innovation has always been part of our DNA”, explains Alessandra Girardo, CEO of Kubris®. “We are very attentive to the developments that new technological trends, such as AI or machine learning, will reserve for us in the coming years and, in our center, we want to cultivate all the knowledge and experience that will allow us to exploit its potential to the full. Our goal, however, is to be able to offer our current and future customers also the concreteness and applied innovation, aspects that we are able to guarantee them by combining our technological skills and the knowledge of market sectors, such as insurance and banking , where our main customers operate “.