Sophia is a humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong company founded by David Hanson.

It is capable of complex interactions with humans thanks to the sophisticated system that allows it to express itself with the voice and through the facial expressions, detecting the presence of an interlocutor with a special camera installed on the chest. It is the first robot to obtain the citizenship of a country, Saudi Arabia.

At the Lisbon Web Summit, she was invited as a speaker to introduce SingularityNet, a decentralized blockchain-based platform for sharing research and knowledge on the evolution of artificial intelligence.

She was defined as a decentralized open market in which any AI developer can install his own software, allowing him to reach any AI user on the planet. A platform in which AI users, who perform specific functions, can work in a uniformed way, helping users in different ways and coordinating together within AI networks of increasingly general intelligence.

The interesting and innovative question of the creation of Sophia is the fact that her brain processes things on the basis of an artificial intelligence, which in turn is based on blockchain. This implies that the robot can reason in a very particular way and process information very quickly, not having inserted the traditional software installation. Anyone can add information within the platform that Sophia re-elaborates and stores quickly, making it more human than ever.

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