Kubris The Innovation Center


Kubris® is the Kirey Group’s Innovation Center, where the innovative technology services and products are designed and developed for the insurance industry, banks and those who need to be able to rely on a specialist partner to create new solutions which make use of IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


Kubris® is the result of an ambitious project launched by the Kirey Group to accelerate and expand interdisciplinary knowledge through extensive external collaborations with qualified universities, startups and other industry partners in Europe. With flexible ecosystems and teams dedicated to targeted projects, Kubris® develops enterprise solutions for the insurance and banking sectors.

Kubris® Innovation Center is the perfect environment to shape tomorrow’s solutions.


The Innovation Center has a qualified research network that includes competent European partners with respect to the various technological fields that support internal resources in research activities.

The laboratory collaborates with the Universities of Rome, Pisa, Cosenza and Catania for new solutions of artificial intelligence, blockchain and neural networks, projects that represent the innovations of the digital transformation.

Kirey Group was born from the integration of a group of four pioneering IT companies.

With over 600 employees, Kirey Group/s headquarter is located in Milan while operating office can be found in Rome, Turin and Padua, and foreign offices in Germany, France, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Uganda.
For more information www.kireygroup.com


The insurance and banking industries have great opportunities for strong development in processes, services and business models, thanks to innovative solutions such as those designed by the Kubris® teams.