The Market


The future of the insurance industry

In the insurance sector, we see there is a distancing from traditional business models and logics. Compared to the past, today we have large amounts of data thanks to innovative technologies and IOT devices that allow to retrieve large quantities of information.

This data, reworked thanks to artificial intelligence and autonomous learning of computer systems, redefine the logic of the insurance sector, moving it from a horizontal and a mass offering to a personified offer, at the center of which we find the individual.

We also see the tendency to privilege rental rather than the possession of material goods, the growing phenomenon of ROPO (Research On Line, Purchase Off line) that changes the user’s approach to the purchase and stipulation of contracts, as well as the use and higher trust in utilizing mobile devices. Hence, a change in the customer who becomes primarily a user that is aware and smart and that requires for insurance to establish itself as a connoisseur and solver of the problems of everyday life.

Kubris® firmly believes in this radical change in the sector and proposes itself as the technological partner able to provide insurance tools to face new challenges and to propose itself in the new role that the market requires.

The future of the banking sector

Financial crises, mobile banking, cryptocurrency, digitalization, financial marketing, changing scenarios that constantly and rapidly change the banking sector, the only paradigm: no stopping.

The banking world is asked for a timely response to market advancements and the identification of areas of adoption of new technologies and compliance with the new regulations dictated by the same. Consequently, the areas of development based on neural networks, blockchain, artificial intelligence require in-depth knowledge of the processes and needs of the sector and necessitate marked abilities to be applied with great benefits to the real world.

Kubris® is Kirey Group’s innovation center, an applied research center that aims to be a technological catalyst between the need for innovation and the actual application of it.